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Album title: Ossovitzky, Simon/ A Briv/ Berish Balagole
Album ID: 028b
Format: 78rpm 10 inch
Publisher: Arzi Y 802
Comment: Part of set: Jewish Folk Songs/ with the Emil Brueh Trio
Additional Notes: Have original cover with transiterations


Title: Papir Iz Dokh Vays -- פּאַפּיר איז דאָך װײַס
Also known as: A Briv (Papir Iz Dokh Vays)
Also known as: Paper Is White
Genre: Love/Letter/Separation/Folk
Subject: Love/Separation/Ink/Paper
Origin: Rubin Oak 89/Alb K-014(a)/Belarsky 240/Alb B-007(a)/Alb A-054(a)
Transliteration: Rubin Oak 58/Alb P-030(a)/Alb F-018(b)/Alb B-007(a)/Belarsky 240/Alb T-031(b)
Translation: Rubin Oak 58/Alb R-007(f)3/Alb T-031(b)/Alb A-045(a)/B-122(a)
Music: Rub Oak 58/Belarsky 240
Additional song notes: Paper Is White Elyakum Zunzer crdedited as "adapting" this song - See Ephemera 1269 Transliteration and Translation in Ephemera 1269 Org, Translit & Translt on Alb B-211(a) Ephemera 1458 See 2012 program for translat and trqqnslit. Alb V0290-- What's Not To Like -- 2012
On album: 028b (Ossovitzky, Simon/ A Briv/ Berish Balagole)
Track ID: 29543
Vocal Ossovitzky, Simon
First line: Papir iz dokh vays un tint iz dokh shvarts, Tsu dir mayn...
First line (Yiddish):פּאַפּיר איז דאָך װײַס און טינט איז דאָך שװאַרץ, צו דיר מײַן זיס…
Track comment: Recorded under "A Briv"
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk

Title: Berish Bal Agole -- בּעריש בּעל עגלה
Also known as: Bal Agole
Also known as: Der Bal Agole Un Zayn Ferd
Genre: Folk/Humorous
Subject: Wagon Driver/Horse/Dialogue/Occupation/Wife/Fear/Whip
On album: 028b (Ossovitzky, Simon/ A Briv/ Berish Balagole)
Track ID: 29544
Vocal Ossovitzky, Simon
First line: Berish bal agole fort un taynet mit zayn ferdl,
First line (Yiddish):בּעריש בּעל עגלה פֿאָרט און טענהט מיט זײַן פֿערדל,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Pop

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