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Title: Hamavdil -- המבדיל
Also known as: La Separation
Also known as: Shevue Tov (Hamavdil)
Author: Khayat, Isaac Ibn
Genre: Shabos/Sabbath/Religious/Rite/Havdola
Subject: Sabbath/Shabos/Separation/Holy/Profane/
Origin: Pasternak CH 146/Alb Y-003(a)/Alb B-033(f)/Cardozo 61
Transliteration: Pasternak CH 76/Alb S-056(a)/Alb Y-003(a)/Alb S-047(c)/Ephemera 1048
Translation: Pasternak CH 146/Alb S-056(a)/Alb B-033(f)/Vorbei 280/Cardozo 61/Ephemera 1048
Additional song notes: Some credit Isaac ben Hiyat (11th Century as composer)

Related information in folder 1048:On album: 036m
Track ID: 29834
Artist: Chomska, Regina
Artist: Arbateynu Male Quartet
Artist: Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra
Artist: Lavry, Marc -- לברי, מרק

Title: Tsur Mishelo -- צור משלו
Also known as: Tsur Mishelo Akhalnu
Genre: Religious/Hymn/Zmiros
Subject: Sustenance/Thanks/Praise
Origin: Netzer 331/Pasternak CH 141/A-002(a)/Bugatch 187/Alb A-002(a)/Vinaver 240
Transliteration: Bugatch 187/Alb F-015(b)/Alb A-002(a)/Vinaver 238/CD Z-024(a)/Metro Album 35
Translation: Pasternak CH 330/Alb F-015(b)/Alb A-002(a)/Vinaver240/Cardozo 42
Music: Netzer 330/Pasternak CH 14//Metro Album 35/Cardozo 42
Additional song notes: Three musical versions are published in Vinaver.
On album: 036m
Track ID: 29835
Artist: Wilkomirsky, Abraham
Artist: Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra
Artist: Lavry, Marc -- לברי, מרק
Language: Hebrew

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