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Album title: Jacobson Bros. (Hymie, Irving)/ Matse Balls/ Di Grine Kuzine
Album ID: 045m
Format: 78rpm 10 inch
Publisher: Continental C-13001
Additional Notes: Tape 015


Title: Matse Balls
On album: 045m (Jacobson Bros. (Hymie, Irving)/ Matse Balls/ Di Grine Kuzine)
Track ID: 30062
Artist: Jacobson Bros. (Hymie, Irving)

Title: Di Grine Kuzine -- די גרינע קוזינע
Also known as: Kuzine (Di Grine Kuzine)
Author: Leyzerovitz, Yakov -- לײזעראָװיץ, יעקבֿ
Composer: Schwartz, Abe -- שװאַרץ, אײב
Genre: Immigration/Lament
Subject: Immigration/Poverty/Occupation/Milliner/Aging/Disillusion
Origin: Mayzl 600/Alb Z-012(a)/Levin N 92
Transliteration: Levin N 92/Alb B-007(c)/Alb Z-012(a)/Gottlieb 290/Alb B-095(b)
Translation: Levin N 92/Alb Z-012(a)/Alb B-007(c)/Gottlieb 290/Alb B-095(b)/Alb M-068(a)04
Music: Warem 45/Alb Z-012(a)/Levin N 92
Additional song notes: See "My Little Cousin" for American swing version. Lyrics claimed by Hyman Prizant and others. Text is by Leyzerovitz as credited by Meizel. See Max Rosenfeld's papers re respecting Leyzerovitz's loss of copyright lawsuit. See Gottlieb p. 147. See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell. See also ephemera 1458 for tarnslit and translate What's Not To Like 2017

Related information in folder 408:On album: 045m (Jacobson Bros. (Hymie, Irving)/ Matse Balls/ Di Grine Kuzine)
Track ID: 30063
Artist: Jacobson Bros. (Hymie, Irving)
Language: Yiddish

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