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Album title: Juvelier, Kalmen/ Lebn Zol Kolombus/ Der Balegole
Album ID: 051a
Format: 78rpm 10 inch
Publisher: Columbia E2996
Comment: W/orch.
Additional Notes: Tape 08


Title: Lebn Zol Kolumbus -- לעבן זאָל קאָלומבוס
Author: Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
Composer: Perlmutter, Arnold (Aaron) פּערלמוטער, אַרנאָלד (אהרן)
Composer: Wohl, Herman -- װאָל, הערמאַן
Genre: Theater/Patriotic
Subject: Immigration/Government/Patriotism/Peace/Democracy
Origin: ML MTAG 140/Levin N 66/SH Dropsie 46
Transliteration: ML MTAG 140/Levin N 66/Alb G-013(a)/Sm Dropsie 46/Ephemera 1516
Translation: Ephemera 1516
Music: ML MTAG 140/Levin N 66/SMDropsie 46
Additional song notes: Long Live Columbus

Related information in folder 484:On album: 051a (Juvelier, Kalmen/ Lebn Zol Kolombus/ Der Balegole)
Track ID: 30206
Vocal Juvelier, Kalman
Language: Yiddish

Title: Zol Ikh Zayn A Rov -- זאָל איך זײַן אַ רבֿ
Also known as: A Bal Agole Lid
Also known as: If Dreams Came True
Author: Rosenbaum, Cantor Samuel
Genre: Folk/Lament
Subject: Occupation/Poverty/Ignorance
Origin: Vinkov 3 55/Brounoff.65
Transliteration: Vinkov 3 55/Alb K-005(a)/Silverman YSB 134/Alb R-001(a)
Translation: Alb K-005(a)/Silverman YSB 134/Vinkov 3 55/Bialik Efros 234/Alb R-001(a)
Music: Silverman YSB 134/Vinkov 3 55/Brounoff.65
Additional song notes: Published in Vinkov under title "Zol Ikh Vern A Rov". "Traveling motif with Hob Ikh Mir A Shpan"

Related information in folder 697:On album: 051a (Juvelier, Kalmen/ Lebn Zol Kolombus/ Der Balegole)
Track ID: 30207
Arranger Saslavsky, Nicholas L. -- סאַסלאַװסקי, נ. ל.
Vocal Juvelier, Kalman
First line: Zol ikh zayn a rov, ken Ikh nit keyn toyre; zol ikh zayn a..
First line (Yiddish):זאָל איך זײַן אַ רבֿ, קען איך ניט קיין תּורה; זאָל איך זײַן אַ סוחר,
Track comment: Recorded under "Der Balagole"
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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