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Album title: The Workmen's Circle Chorus/ Legends of Toil
Album ID: 057j
Format: 78rpm Ten Inch
Publisher: Musicraft Album F2 Record 3
Language: Yiddish
Where Produced: New York
Number of Tracks: 1


Title: Legend of Toil
Author: Goichberg, Yisroel -- גױכבערג, ישׂראל
Composer: Weiner, Lazar -- װײַנער, לאַזאַר
Genre: Cantata/Classical
Subject: Labor/Work/Class Consciousness
Transliteration: Weiner Toil
Translation: Weiner Toil
Music: Weiner Toil
Additional song notes: English Version by Olga Paul
On album: 057j (The Workmen's Circle Chorus/ Legends of Toil)
Track ID: 30469
Vocal Workmen's Circle Chorus -- אַרבעטער רינג כאָר
Track comment: Part of three record set
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Chorale

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