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Album title: Kapov-Kagan, Khazn/ Kidush (Parts 1 & 2)
Album ID: 063b
Format: 78rpm 12 inch
Publisher: RCA Victor 38-1004
Language: Hebrew
Provenance: Gift of Henry Sommer 02/2002
Where Produced: Camden, NJ
Number of Tracks: 2
Additional Notes: Alt. Issue #V-59017


Title: Kidush -- קידוש
Genre: Liturgical/Religious
Subject: Blessing/Wine/Sanctification
Origin: Zim 11/Alb K-047(d)
Transliteration: Zim 11/Alb K-047(d)/
Translation: Alb M-030(a)Alb R-026(b)/Zim 11/Alb K-047(d)/CD B-076(a)/Vorbei 235
Additional song notes: See Cardozo 96 for the the text, translation and melody line of the Kidush recited on the evenings of the Three Festivals
On album: 063b (Kapov-Kagan, Khazn/ Kidush (Parts 1 & 2))
Track ID: 30669
Vocal Kapov-Kogan, Cantor Ben Zion -- קאַפּאָװ-קאָגען, בּן ציון
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert

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