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Album title: Tell Me About Chunukah/The Story of Chanukah/Helen Stambler
Album ID: C-002(e)1
Format: 33 1/3 rpm 5" (1 of 2 LP set)
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House`
Date of Issuance: 1951
Language: English
Provenance: Gift of Carol Weinberg, March 2011
Genre: Childrens' Story
Where Produced: New York, NY
Number of Tracks: 2
Additional Notes: Based on "The Book of Chanukah by Eydith and Sol Sharfstein


Title: The Story of Chanukah
Author: Stambler, Helen
Genre: Educational/Children
Song Comment: Chanukah
Additional song notes: Based on "The Book of Chanukah" by Edythe and Sol Sharfstein
On album: C-002(e)1 (Tell Me About Chunukah/The Story of Chanukah/Helen Stambler)
Track ID: 36494
Narrator Gold, Edward
Piano Wertheim, Elaine
Singer Yousha, Victoria
Language: English

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