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Album title: B'har Hadumiyot sung by Shir Lev/Shir Nash Composer -- בהר הדומיות
Album ID: N-045(d)
Format: Audio CD
Publisher: Harmony Productions 11555
Date of Issuance: 2009
Playing Time: 4:10
Language: Hebrew
Provenance: Gift of Lynne Carol, NTS Productions, Israel, Dec 2009
Genre: Pop/Israeli/ConcertLiterary Origin
Where Produced: Israel
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: single from "Shira Lev sings Alterman"/ In the workroom for mylar


Title: B'har Hadumiyot -- בהר הדומיות
Author: Alterman, Natan -- אלתּרמן, נתן
Genre: Israeli/Pop/Literary Origin/Concert
Origin: N-045(e)
Additional song notes: Silent Mountain
On album: N-045(d) (B'har Hadumiyot sung by Shir Lev/Shir Nash Composer -- בהר הדומיות)
Track ID: 35643
Vocal Lev, Shira -- לב, שירה
First line (Hebrew):מה שקטה מולדתך. על שיאי ימיך עפות לאיטן היונים הגדולות.
Language: Hebrew
Style: Pop/Concert
Length: 4:10

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