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Title: Dzigan & Schumacher in The Jolly Paupers -- דזשעגען און שומאַגער און די פֿרייליכער קבצונים
Author: Bruderson, Moyshe -- ברודערזאָן, משה
Genre: Musical Comedy
Subject: Promoter/Tailor/Oil/Fraud/Paupers
On album: V0011
Track ID: 33825
Actor Lovie, Jennie
Actor Dzigan, Shimon -- דזשיגאַן, שמעון
Vocal Shumacher, Yisroel -- שומאַכער, ישׂראל
Actor Turkow, Ruth
Actor Lewin, Chana
Actor Brin, Max
Actor Bozyk, Max
Actor Oppenheim, Menashe -- אָפּענהײם, מנשה
Actor Natan, Simkhe
Actor Goldstein, S.
Actor/Director Turkow, Zygmund
Actor Zigane, S.
Language: Yiddish
Length: 62:00

Title: Ikh Vil Zayn A Border -- איך וויל זײַן אַ באַרדער
Genre: Comedy/Sketch
Subject: Marriage/Divorce/Relationship/Border
On album: V0011
Track ID: 33826
Actor Fuchs, Leo -- פֿוקס, לעאָ
Actor Zwerling, Yetta
Language: Yiddish

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