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Title: Oy A Mame (Video) -- אוי אַ מאַמע (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Concert
Subject: Mother/Children/Devotion
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33970
Vocal Chayes, Anita
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Bar Mitzvah (Video) -- בר־מצוה (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Drama
Subject: Family/Bar Mitzvah/Amnesia/Widower/
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33966
Performer Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
Performer Zuckerberg, Regina
Performer Chayes, Anita
Director/Screen Play Lynn, Henry
Language: Yiddish
Style: Drama
Length: 85:00

Title: Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn (Video) -- גײ איך מיר שפּאַצירן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Love/Courtship/Folk
Subject: Love/Rejection/Disappointment
Origin: ML MTAG 37/Vinkov 1 34/Alb B-090(x)
Transliteration: ML MTAG 37/Vinkov 1 34/Alb S-083(a)/Alb R-001(b)/Alb K-005(a)/Alb B-090(x)
Translation: Vinkov I 34/Alb R-001(b)/Alb K-005(a)/Ephemera 1435/Ephemera 1458 2013
Music: Kremer 14/Vinkov 1 34/ML MTAG 37
Additional song notes: Also known as "Tra La La" See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell. Ephemera 1458 See 2013 for translat and translit Album ID V0290(2) What's Not To Like - 2013
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33967
Vocal Chayes, Anita
First line: Gey ikh mir shpatsirn, tral la la la la la
First line (Yiddish):גײ איך מיר שפּאַצירן, טראַ לאַ לאַ לאַ לאַ לאַ
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Erlekh Zayn (Video) -- ערלעך זײַן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Instructional/Theater
Subject: Morality/Honesty
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33968
Vocal Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
First line: Must zayn erlekh hot men dir gelernent,
First line (Yiddish):מוסט זײַן ערלעך האָט מען דיר געלערנט,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Theater/Concert

Title: Mother Son Duet (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Concert
Subject: Mother/Son/Devotion
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33971
Vocal Zuckerberg, Regina
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Operatic/Duet

Title: Vaudeville Tap Dance Routines (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Vaudeville/Novelty
Subject: History/Story/Hero/Maaccabees/Temple
Origin: Alb G-017(a)/Coopersimith 1 32/Alb P-040(a)
Transliteration: G-017(a)/Bugatch 248/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 8
Translation: G-017(a)/Coopersmith 1 32/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 9/Alb P-040(a)
Music: Bugatch 248/Coopersmith 1 32/Schwartz 9
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33972
Style: Theater/Vaudeville/Dance

Title: Ignorant American Jews Satirized (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Humorous/Vaudeville/Novelty
Subject: Mispronuciations/Ignorance/
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33973
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Humorous/Novelty/Spoken Word

Title: Grandparents' Vaudeville Routine (Video)
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33974
Language: Yiddish
Style: Vaudeville/Duet/Novelty/Vaudeville

Title: In New York Iz A Gan Eden (Video) -- אין ניו יאָרק איז אַ גן־עדן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Novelty/Vaudeville
Subject: New York/Shopping/Recreation
Additional song notes: English Subtitles/From the drama "Bar Mitvah"
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33976
Language: Yiddish
Style: Duet/Vaudeville/Operetta/Song/Dance

Title: Oyfn Ganikl (Video) -- אַױפֿן גאַניקל (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Folk/Lament
Subject: Message/Bird/Love/Death
Origin: ML MTAG 38
Transliteration: ML MTAG 38/Kremer 2
Music: ML MTAG 38/Kremer 2
Additional song notes: Also sometimes titled as "A Briv"/Sung in Movie "Bar Mitzvah
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33969
Vocal Chayes, Anita
First line: Ikh gey aroys oyfn ganikl, dos shtetele bakukn, kumt tsu…
First line (Yiddish):איך גײ אַרױס אױפֿן גאַניקל, דאָס שטעטעלע באַקוקן, קומט צו פֿליִען..
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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