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Title: Bar Mitzvah (Video) -- בר־מצוה (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Drama
Subject: Family/Bar Mitzvah/Amnesia/Widower/
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33966
Performer Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
Performer Zuckerberg, Regina
Performer Chayes, Anita
Director/Screen Play Lynn, Henry
Language: Yiddish
Style: Drama
Length: 85:00

Title: Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn (Video) -- גײ איך מיר שפּאַצירן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Love/Courtship/Folk
Subject: Love/Rejection/Disappointment
Origin: ML MTAG 37/Vinkov 1 34/Alb B-090(x)
Transliteration: ML MTAG 37/Vinkov 1 34/Alb S-083(a)/Alb R-001(b)/Alb K-005(a)/Alb B-090(x)
Translation: Vinkov I 34/Alb R-001(b)/Alb K-005(a)/Ephemera 1435
Music: Kremer 14/Vinkov 1 34/ML MTAG 37
Additional song notes: Also known as "Tra La La" See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell.
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33967
Vocal Chayes, Anita
First line: Gey ikh mir shpatsirn, tral la la la la la
First line (Yiddish):גײ איך מיר שפּאַצירן, טראַ לאַ לאַ לאַ לאַ לאַ
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Erlekh Zayn (Video) -- ערלעך זײַן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Instructional/Theater
Subject: Morality/Honesty
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33968
Vocal Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
First line: Must zayn erlekh hot men dir gelernent,
First line (Yiddish):מוסט זײַן ערלעך האָט מען דיר געלערנט,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Theater/Concert

Title: Oyfn Ganikl (Video) -- אַױפֿן גאַניקל (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Folk/Lament
Subject: Message/Bird/Love/Death
Origin: ML MTAG 38
Transliteration: ML MTAG 38/Kremer 2
Music: ML MTAG 38/Kremer 2
Additional song notes: Also sometimes titled as "A Briv"/Sung in Movie "Bar Mitzvah
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33969
Vocal Chayes, Anita
First line: Ikh gey aroys oyfn ganikl, dos shtetele bakukn, kumt tsu…
First line (Yiddish):איך גײ אַרױס אױפֿן גאַניקל, דאָס שטעטעלע באַקוקן, קומט צו פֿליִען..
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Oy A Mame (Video) -- אוי אַ מאַמע (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Concert
Subject: Mother/Children/Devotion
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33970
Vocal Chayes, Anita
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Mother Son Duet (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Concert
Subject: Mother/Son/Devotion
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33971
Vocal Zuckerberg, Regina
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Operatic/Duet

Title: Vaudeville Tap Dance Routines (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Vaudeville/Novelty
Subject: History/Story/Hero/Maaccabees/Temple
Origin: Alb G-017(a)/Coopersimith 1 32/Alb P-040(a)
Transliteration: G-017(a)/Bugatch 248/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 8
Translation: G-017(a)/Coopersmith 1 32/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 9/Alb P-040(a)
Music: Bugatch 248/Coopersmith 1 32/Schwartz 9
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33972
Style: Theater/Vaudeville/Dance

Title: Ignorant American Jews Satirized (Video)
Genre: Video/Theater/Humorous/Vaudeville/Novelty
Subject: Mispronuciations/Ignorance/
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33973
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Humorous/Novelty/Spoken Word

Title: Grandparents' Vaudeville Routine (Video)
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33974
Language: Yiddish
Style: Vaudeville/Duet/Novelty/Vaudeville

Title: In New York Iz A Gan Eden (Video) -- אין ניו יאָרק איז אַ גן־עדן (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Video/Theater/Novelty/Vaudeville
Subject: New York/Shopping/Recreation
Additional song notes: English Subtitles/From the drama "Bar Mitvah"
On album: V0017
Track ID: 33976
Language: Yiddish
Style: Duet/Vaudeville/Operetta/Song/Dance

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