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Title: Partisans of Vilna (Video)
Genre: Holocaust/Resistance/Place/Video/Documentary
Subject: Vilna/Sabotage
On album: V0041
Track ID: 34097
Director/Editor Waletzky, Josh -- װאָלעטסקי, יהודה
Producer Kempner, Aviva
Narrator Wallach, Roberta
Language: English/Yiddish/Polish/Russian
Style: Documentary
Length: 144:00

Title: Abba Kovner - Comments (Video)
Genre: Holocaust/Place/Video/Documentary
Subject: Vilna Ghetto/Organizations/Resistance
On album: V0041
Track ID: 34098
Commentator Kovner, Abba -- קאָװנער, אַבאַ
Language: Hebrew
Style: Spoken Word

Title: Alexander Tamir at Piano (Video)
Genre: Video/Holocaust
Subject: Cultural Life/Vilna Ghetto
Additional song notes: Playing his compostiton "Shtiller Shtiller"
On album: V0041
Track ID: 34099
Piano/Commentator Tamir, Alexander -- תמיר, אלכסנדר
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word and Performance

Title: Zog Nit Keyn Mol - Josh Waletzky (Video)
Genre: Video
Subject: Resistance
Additional song notes: Fragment sung in background
On album: V0041
Track ID: 34100
Performer Waletzky, Josh -- װאָלעטסקי, יהודה
Language: Yiddish

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