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Title: Yiddish Folksingers/Miami Beach (Video)
Author: Saxe, Joel
Genre: Documentary/Video
Subject: Songs/Community/Place/Miami Beach/Memory/Culture/Identity
Additional song notes: Video produced, directed, filmed and edited by Joel Saxe. See Jacket for Album V0044/Draft of Essay by Joel Saxe prepared for academic degree.
On album: V0044
Track ID: 34064
Vocal Crasner, Clara -- קראַסנער, קלאַראַ (חיה לאה)
Commentator Lieberman, Mendl
Commentator Kalzman, Hilda
Commentator Gandleman, Frank
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Folk
Length: 30:00

Title: Yam Lid (Video) -- ים ליד (ווידיאָ)
Author: Bialik, Khaim Nakhman -- ביאַליק, חיים נחמן
Genre: Zionist/Translation/Literary Origin
Subject: Zion/Yearning
Song Comment: Adapted from the Hebrew of Yehuda Halevi by Chaim Nakhman Bialik
Origin: Bugatch 80/Alb L-001(d)/ML PYS 212/
Transliteration: Bugatch 80/Alb K-042(c)/Alb L-001(d)/
Translation: ML PYL 212/Alb L-001(d)/Alb K-042(c)/Klezkamp 94 39/
Music: Bugatch 80/ML PYL 212/
Additional song notes: See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell.
On album: V0044
Track ID: 34065
Vocal Crasner, Clara -- קראַסנער, קלאַראַ (חיה לאה)
First line: Kh'hob fargesn ale libste, k'hob farlozt may eygn heym,
First line (Yiddish):כ'האָב פֿאַרגעסן אַלע ליבסטע, כ'האָב פֿאָרלאָזט מײַן אײגן הײם,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Acapella

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