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Album title: Hungry Hearts/ Cast: EA Warren/ Rosa Rosanova (Video)
Album ID: V0154
Publisher: Samuel Goldwyn Company
Date of Issuance: 1922
Language: Silent Film
Provenance: Courtesy of Lazer Trachtenberg
Genre: Melodrama/Immigration/Mobility/Love/Greed/Assimilation
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: English Subtitles
Penn Library Link: PS3547.E95 H8822 2008


Title: Hungry Hearts (Video)
Author: Yezierska, Anzia
Genre: Drama/ Silent Film
Subject: Immigration/Poverty/Upward Mobility/Landlord/Tenant/Justice
On album: V0154 (Hungry Hearts/ Cast: EA Warren/ Rosa Rosanova (Video))
Track ID: 35731
Director Hopper, E. Mason
Performer Warren, E. A.
Performer Rosanova, Rosa
Performer Ferguson, Helen
Performer Washburn, Bryant
Performer Budin, A.
Performer Tilton, Edwin B.
Performer Siegmann, George
Performer Lederer, Otto
Performer Sprotte, Bert
Style: Drama/Silent
Length: 82:00

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