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Album title: Maxwell Street: A Living Memory (Video)
Album ID: V0198
Format: VHS
Publisher: Eshel Productions
Playing Time: 29:00
Language: English
Provenance: Purchase Workmen's Circle Book Store, May 2010
Genre: Documentary/Place/Spoken Word/Talking Heads
Where Produced: Chicago, IL
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: Written, Produced and Directed by Shuli Eshel
Penn Library Link: In Process Katya


Title: Maxwell Street: A Living Memory (Video)
Author: Eshel, Shuli
Genre: Documentary/Place
Subject: Immigration/Business/Maxwell Street/Assimilation/Memory
On album: V0198 (Maxwell Street: A Living Memory (Video))
Track ID: 35756
Director/Producer Eshel, Shuli
Language: English
Style: Documentary/Spoken Word/Talking Heads
Length: 29:00

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