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Album title: The Last Klezmer/ Leopold Kozlowski: His Life and His Music (Video)
Album ID: V0199
Publisher: New Yorker Video/ Yale Strom Maelstrom Films
Date of Issuance: 1994/96
Playing Time: 84:00
Language: English/Polish/Ukrainian/Russian
Provenance: Purchase Amazon.com May 2010
Genre: Documentary/Holocast/Memory/Loss/Emotion/Biography
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: English Subtitles/ Co-Produced Written and Directed by Yale Strom/Music by Kozlowski and Strom


Title: The Last Klezmer/ Leopold Kozolwski (Video)
Author: Strom, Yale
Genre: Memory/Documentary/Biography/History/Loss
Subject: Holocaust/Music/Culture/Survival
On album: V0199 (The Last Klezmer/ Leopold Kozlowski: His Life and His Music (Video))
Track ID: 35757
Co-Producer Belkin, Ronald
Co-Producer Posen, Steven
Performer Kozlowski, Leopold -- קאָזלאָװסקי, ל.
Co-Producer/Author/Director Strom, Yale
Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian/Polish
Style: Documentary
Length: 84:00

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