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Album title: A Yiddish World Remembered (Video)
Album ID: V0216
Format: DVD
Publisher: Shanachie 987
Date of Issuance: 2002/2010
Playing Time: 100.00
Language: English
Provenance: Purchase West Chester County Bookstore, West Goshen, PA, October 2010
Genre: Documentary/Spoken Word
Where Produced: USA
Additional Notes: PBS program
Penn Library Link: Not With Katia


Title: A Yiddish World Remembered
Author: Goldberg, Andrew
Genre: Documentary/Historical/Talking Heads
Subject: Yiddish/Identity/Assimilation/
On album: V0216 (A Yiddish World Remembered (Video))
Track ID: 36049
Spoken Word Zelmanowicz, Motl -- זעלמאַנאָוויץ, מאָטל
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Talking Heads

Title: Yiddish World Remembered (Video)
Genre: Documentry/Spoken Word/History
Subject: Shtetl/Memory/Daily Life
On album: V0216 (A Yiddish World Remembered (Video))
Track ID: 41583
Narrator Gould, Elliot
Producer Goldberg, Andrew
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word/Documentary
Length: 120:00

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