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Album title: Song of the Lodz Ghetto with the music of Brave Old World (Video)
Album ID: V0265
Format: DVD
Publisher: Sun Street Inc
Date of Issuance: 2010
Playing Time: 2:15.00
Language: English Yiddish
Provenance: Purchase David Kaufman, Toronto Canada June 2012
Genre: Ducumentary/Holocaust/History
Where Produced: Toronto, Canada
Number of Tracks: 18
Additional Notes: This album has not been cataloged at the title or track level.
Penn Library Link: in Process Katyia June 25, 2012 to be catalogued


Title: Mishe Lev -- מישע ליוו
Author: Lev, Mishe -- לעוו, מישע
Genre: Literary Origin/Memoirs/Holocaust
Subject: Partisans/USSR/ResistancePrisoner/Escape/Nazis/Books
On album: V0265 (Song of the Lodz Ghetto with the music of Brave Old World (Video))
Track ID: 36992
Vocal Lev, Mishe -- לעוו, מישע
Narrator Sandler, Boris -- סאַנדלער, באָריס
First line: Etlekhe verter vegn zikh, geboyren gevorn in a shtetele in vinitse gegent,
First line (Yiddish):עטלעכע ווערטער וועגן זיך, געבוירן געוואָרן אין אַ שטעטעלע אין וויניצע געגנט,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Literary Origin / Spoken Word

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