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Album title: Crossing Delancy (Video)
Album ID: V0282
Format: DVD
Publisher: Warner Brothers 110742
Date of Issuance: 1988
Playing Time: 97:00
Language: English
Provenance: Purchase Amazon.com March 2013
Genre: Film/Romantic Comedy
Where Produced: Burbank, California
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: returned by KadiaThis album has not been catalogued at the title or track level.
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Title: Crossing Delancy (Video)
Genre: Film/Romantic Comedy
Subject: Love/Grandmother/Bubbe/Pickleman/Place/Matchmaker
On album: V0282 (Crossing Delancy (Video))
Track ID: 39948
Performer/Star Irving, Amy
Performer/Pickleman Riegert, Peter
Performer/Proposed Husband by Matchmaker Krabbe, Jereon
Performer/Bubbe/Comedienne Boyzk, Reyzl
Matchmaker Miles, Sylvia
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Film/Romantic Comedy

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