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Album title: Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish (Video)
Album ID: V0285
Format: DVD
Publisher: An Eve Annenberg Film/Nancy Fishman
Date of Issuance: 2010
Playing Time: 92:00
Language: Yiddish
Provenance: Purchase Nancy Fishman, March 2013
Genre: Film/Drama/Translation
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: Did not leave with Kadyia
Penn Library Link: to be catalogued - not yet with Katyia


Title: Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish (Video)
Genre: Drama/Tragedy/Love/Translation/Comedic
Subject: Love/Emnity/Families/Lubavich/Poisen/
On album: V0285 (Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish (Video))
Track ID: 37744
Lazer / Romeo Weiss, Lazer
Juliet / Faggie Weisz, Melissa
Mendy / Benvolio Zafir, Mendy
Mo / Mercutio Weiss, Bubbles Yoelli
Tybalt / Ty Friedman, Josef Yossl
Ava / Nurse / Producer / Director Annenberg, Eve
Isaac / Rabbi Schoenfeld, Isaac
Lady Capulet Shmulenson, Yelena -- שמועלענסאָן, יעלענע
Capulet / Faggie's Father Wiser, Soloman
Paris Twersky, Luzer
Aaron / Peter Keller, Aaron
Zalman Germano, David
Mohammed Harary, Noam
Juliet's Sister / Rivke Schaechter, Reyna
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Drama/

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