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Album title: Yosl Birshteyn: Monologn Fun Yidishe Shraybers (Video) -- יאָסל בירשטעען: מאָנאָלאָגן פֿון ייִדישע שרײַבערס (ווידיאָ)
Album ID: V0327
Format: DVD
Publisher: Yiddish Forverts
Date of Issuance: 2011
Language: Yiddish
Provenance: Purchase From Yiddish Forverts, May 2015
Genre: Spoken Word/Anecdotes/Memory
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: This album has not been catalogued at the title or track level.
Penn Library Link: to be catalogued/not with Kadia

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu