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Title: Shlof Mayn Kind Mayn Kroyn (Kovanovsky) -- שלאָף מײַן קינד, מײַן קרױן (קאָוואַנאָווסקי)
Also known as: Shlof Mayn Kind Mayn Treyst
Also known as: Shir Eres (Shlof Mayn Kind Mayn Treyst)
Also known as: Sholom Aleichem Viglid
Author: Sholom Aleichem -- שלום עליכם
Composer: Kovanovsky, David -- קאָװאַנאָװסקי, דוד
Genre: Folk/Viglid/Literary Origin/Lullaby
Subject: Family/Mother/Father/Separation/Immigration/America
Song Comment: Two primary melodies, folk, one by D. Kovanovsky
Origin: ML MTAG 152/Gin Mar 74/Alb R-007(a)/Alb A-002(a)/Rub Oak 89/ ML PYP 85/Sh Sh 7
Transliteration: Alb G-052(a)/Gold Zem 24/Alb R-07(f)5/Alb L-004(d)/Alb Y-018(c)/Rub Oak 60/
Translation: Alb P-001(a)/Alb R-007(f)5/Alb L-004(d)/Vinkov 1 109/Sh Sh 77/Rub Oak 60
Music: Vinkov 1 109/Gold Zem 23/ML MTAG 152/Rub Oak 60
Additional song notes: See also Graf 293 for melody by Yosef Rumshinsky
On album: V072(a)
Track ID: 34764
Vocal Szlanger, Lea -- שלאַנגער, לאה
First line: Shlof mayn kind, mayn kroyn, mayn sheyner,
First line (Yiddish):שלאָף מײַן קינד, מײַן קרױן, מײַן שײנער, שלאָף זשע ליו, ליו, ליו
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

Title: Sheyn Bin Ikh, Sheyn -- שײַן בין איך, שײן
Genre: Folk
Subject: Marriage/Match/Occupations/Secular/Rabbi/Children/Cradles
Origin: Ephemera 1402/Vinkov 2 57
Transliteration: Ephemera 1402/Vinkov 2 57
Translation: Ephemera 1402/ Vinkov 2 57
Music: Vinkov 2 57
Additional song notes: I am Pretty

Related information in folder 695:On album: V072(a)
Track ID: 34755
Accordion Atlas, Allen
Vocal Horowitz, Rochelle -- האָראָװיץ, רחל
First line: Sheyn bin ikh, sheyn, Sheyn iz mayn nomen, Redt men mir…
First line (Yiddish):שײן בין איך, שײן, שײן איז מײַן נאָמען, רעדט מען מיר שידוכים...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Child

Title: Zolst Azoy Lebn -- זאָלסט אַזוי לעבן
Genre: Lullby/Children's Music/Klezmer/Sprightly/Traditional/Lament
Subject: Babysitter/song of the baby sitter/Morther/Earnings/Diapers/
Origin: Ephemera 918
Transliteration: Ephemera 918
Translation: Ephemera 1477/Ephemera 918

Related information in folder 1477:On album: V072(a)
Track ID: 34756
Language: Hebrew/English
Style: Israeli/Rap

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