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Title: Asshole From El Paso (Video)
Author: Friedman, Kinky
Author: Jacobs, Ken "Snakebite"
Author: Chavin, Chinga (Prob. Pseudonym).
Genre: Country
Subject: Satire/El Paso/Status Quo/Prejudice/Virgins/Mexicans/Morals
Additional song notes: Sometimes listed as "Arsehole."
On album: VO120
Track ID: 35225
Vocal Friedman, Kinky
Artist: Texas Jewboys
Member Texas Jewboys Shelby, Jeff "Jewford"
Vocal/Member Texas Jewboys Sloman, Larry ("Washington Ratso")
First line: We don't have no lovin's in El Paso, we don't go to porno picture shows
Language: English
Style: Concert/Country

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