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Album title: Yankl Der Shmid / The Singing Blacksmith
Album ID: Y-030(a)
Format: VHS
Publisher: Ergo Media Inc. Catlg # 747
Date of Issuance: 1992
Playing Time: 96:00
Language: Yiddish
Provenance: Gift of R. A. Friedman
Genre: Motion Picture/Drama/Musical
Where Produced: United States
Penn Library Link: PJ51.29PS Y 36 1992


Title: Yankl Der Shmid
Author: Pinski, Dovid -- פּינסקי, דוד
Author: Baratoff, Ben-Zvi
Author: Dymow, Ossip
Genre: Film
Subject: Blacksmith/Occupation/Education/Love/Haskala
On album: Y-030(a) (Yankl Der Shmid / The Singing Blacksmith)
Track ID: 33319
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
First line: In der kuzne bay dem fayer, shteyt a koval un er shmit, er klapt un klapt un...
First line (Yiddish):אין דער קוזניע בײַ דעם פֿײַער, שטײט אַ קאָוואַל און ער שמידט, ער קלאַפּט און...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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