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Title: Ani Ma'amin (Parness) -- אני מאמין (פּאַרנעס)
Author: Maimomides
Genre: Religious
Subject: Faith/Credo/Belief/Meshiakh
Origin: Alb V-001(c)/ML WAH 76/Alb B-003(a)/Alb M-038(a)/Alb M-041(a)Alb V-001(b)
Transliteration: ML WAH 76/Alb R-001(b)/Alb Z-010(g)/Alb A-034(a)/Alb G-005(b)/Alb O-009(a)
Translation: ML WAH 76/Alb L-021(b)/Alb R-001(b)/Alb B-003(a)/Alb Z-010(g)/Alb M-041(a)/
Music: Alb V-001(c)/MG WAH 76
Additional song notes: Mati Parness credited as composer on Alb Z-010(e) N. Parnes is credited on Alb S-007(d) 12th Principle of faith formulated by Maimonides 12th Century/ See also for transliteration Albs S-092(a)/Alb S-002(e). For addl translations see Albs A34(a)/G-005(b)/ O-009(a)/T-015(a)/C-023(h)/A-018(a)/S-002(e)
On album: Z-010(e) (Paul Zim Sings Chassidic Treasures -- חסידישע אוצרות געזונגען פֿון פּאַול זים)
Track ID: 1339
Vocal Zim, Cantor Paul
Artist: Williamsburg Pops Orch and Singers
First line: Ani ma'amin, be'emuno shleymo bevias hamoshiakh.
First line (Hebrew):אני מאמין, בּאמונה שלמה בּביאת המשיח.
Track comment: "I believe with full faith that the Messiah will come."
Language: Hebrew
Style: Khasidic/Waltz

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