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Name: Biggers, W. W.

Songs written or composed

Title: Underdog
Author: Biggers, W. W.
Composer: Biggers, W. W.
Genre: Novelty
Subject: Television Cartoon
Additional song notes: Theme of television cartoon "Underdog" circo 1960's


On album: K-076(a) (The Kabalas Martinis and Bagels -- הקבלוֹת)
Track ID: 24632
Trap Set/Frame Drum/Auxiliary Percussion/Backing Vocal Dick, Joel ("Mr")
Artist: Kabalas -- הקבלוֹת
Accordion/Bongos/Guitar/Auxiliiary Percussion/Vocal Morschhauser, Scott
Saxaphone, Soprano, Tenor/Auxiliary Percussion/Backing Vocal Smith, Neal ("Nervous")
Accordion/Auxiliary Percussion/Backing Vocal Wolf, Barry (the Wolfman")
First line: There's no need to fear, underdog is here!
Language: English
Length: 1:15

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