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Name: Zfira, Avshalom, guitar

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Title: Veulai -- ואולי (שרת)
Also known as: Es Kon Zayn
Also known as: Efsher Iz Di Gantse Zakh A Lign
Also known as: Kineret (Rakhel, Bogdanski)
Author: Rakhel -- רחל
Composer: Sharet, Yehuda -- שרת, יהודה
Genre: Literary Origin/Pioneer/Zionist
Subject: Kineret/Dream
Origin: Belarsky Fav 31
Transliteration: Belarsky Fav 28/Alb D-002(a)
Translation: Belarsky Fav 28/Alb D-002(a)/Ausubel Poetry 107
Music: Belarsky Fav 31
Additional song notes: Translation in Ausubel published under title "Kinnereth" Alt translation: "and perhaps" on album y-056(a)

Related information in folder 1201:On album: A-022(a) (Aleph Duo A to Z in Jewish Music)
Track ID: 16504
Artist Soloway, Michael
Artist Zfira, Avshalom, guitar
Artist Moshiakh, Ilan, music dir & cond
First line: Ve'ulai lo hayu hadvarim meolam, Ve'ulai lo hishkamti im…
First line (Hebrew):ואולי לא היו הדברים מעולם, ואולי לא השכמתי עם שחר לגן...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: And perhaps these things have never been, and perhaps I...
Language: Hebrew

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