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Name: Zigman, Avraham
Name (Yiddish): זיגמן, אברהם

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Title: Midarom Tipakh Hatova (Heb) -- מדרום תפּתח הטובה (עברית)
On album: F-011(a) (From Israel With Love An Original Cast Recording -- מישׂראל בּאהבה ההקלטה המקורית של הלהקה)
Track ID: 10420
Author/Composer Zigman, Avraham -- זיגמן, אברהם
Artist From Israel With Love Ensemble
Artist Ben Moshe, Rafi, arr & cond
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: From The South Good Will Come
Language: Hebrew

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu