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Name: Zorn, John
Born: 1953

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Songs written or composed

Title: Asbeel
Author: Zorn, John
Composer: J. Bester
Genre: Instrumental/Klezmer
Additional song notes: from the album Balan, Tzadik 2006


On album: J-049(f) (17th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/17. Festiwal Kultury Zyd owskiej w Krakowie 23.06-01.07 2007)
Track ID: 37437
Artist: Bester Quartet
Length: 5:03

Title: Rachab
Composer: Zorn, John
Genre: InstrumentalKlezmer/Jazz/Improvization/Doyne
Additional song notes: John Zorn/ Theater of Musical Opera - from the repetoire of Masada

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Ziphim (Instr)
On album: K-026(h) (Klezmer 1993 New York City the tradition continues...)
Track ID: 21262
Artist: Zorn, John
Artist: John Zorn's Masada

Title: Rachab (Instr)
On album: K-072(a) (David Krakauer & The Krakauer Trio / Klezmer Madness)
Track ID: 23575
Artist: Zorn, John
Artist: David Krakauer Trio
Artist: Krakauer, David
Artist: Alpert, Michael -- אַלפּערט, מישקע
Artist: Licht, David
Track comment: From the repetoire of Masada
Style: Instrumental

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