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Name: Birnbaum, Philip

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Title: A Grus Fun Di Trenches -- אַ גרוס פֿון די טרענשעס
Author: Lillian, Isadore -- ליליאַן, איסאַדאָר
Composer: Lillian, Isadore -- ליליאַן, איסאַדאָר
Genre: World War 1/Patriotic/Zionist
Subject: Soldiers/Trenches/Morale/Battle/Victory/Letter/Courage
Origin: SM 582 / Box 15
Transliteration: Alb G-013(c)/SM 582 / Box 15
Translation: Slobin 138
Music: SM 582 / Box 15
On album: S-053(a) (Tenement Songs by Mark Slobin Recordings To Accompany Book)
Track ID: 243
Vocal Birnbaum, Philip
First line: Ikh halt in hant a briv, ikh hob dem briv gekrign haynt,
First line (Yiddish):איך האַלט אין האַנט אַ בריװ, איך האָב דען בריװ געקריגן הײַנט,
Track comment: See Slobin 138
Language: Yiddish

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