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Name: Spielman, Louis
Comment: Member Naftule Brandwein Orchestra, probably

Songs written or composed

Title: Di Dray Matones Ouvertur -- די דרײַ מתּונות אוּװערטור
Also known as: Overture Di Dray Matones
Composer: Spielman, Louis
Composer: Spielman, Louis
Genre: Theatre/Orchestral/Instrumental
Subject: Overture


On album: O-014(a) (Oytsres / Treasures / Klezmer Music 1908-1996 -- אוצרות \ כּלי-זמר מוזיק)
Track ID: 27813
Orchestra Conductor (Probably) Wolfsthal, Khone -- װאָלפֿסטאַל, חנה
Artist: Lemberg Yiddish Theatre Orchestra -- לעמבערג ייַדיש טיאַטער אָרקעסטער
Track comment: Recorded in Lemberg (Lvov) on April 26, 1910/Favorite Record I-23236 & 37
Style: Orchestral/Instrumental
Length: 005:37

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Rumenishe Doyne
On album: S-067(b) (Abe Schwartz The Klezmer King)
Track ID: 30451
Clarinet Brandwine, Naftule
Violin Schwartz, Abe -- שװאַרץ, אײב
Piano Schwartz, Sylvia -- שװאַרץ, סילװיע
Trombone Spielman, Louis
Track comment: Originally recorded New York, Sept 1922/ Columbia 8005 F
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer/Doyne
Length: 3:05

Title: Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym -- פֿירן די מחותּנים אַהײם
Also known as: Oriental Melody (Instr)
Also known as: Street Song
Composer: Schwartz, Abe -- שװאַרץ, אײב
Genre: Klezmer/Wedding/Instrumental/Hora/Doyna
Subject: In Laws
Music: Comp Klez 44
Additional song notes: Accompaning the In-Laws Home Naftule Brandwein sometimes credited as Composer. Melody played in Shargorad (also elsewhere)/aka DerGasn Nigun- Oriental Melody
On album: S-067(b) (Abe Schwartz The Klezmer King)
Track ID: 30458
Clarinet Brandwein, Naftule -- בראַנדװײַן, נפֿתּלי
Violin/Leader Abe Schwartz Orchestra -- אײב שװאַרץ אָרקעסטער
Trombone Spielman, Louis
Piano Schwartz, Sylvia -- שװאַרץ, סילװיע
Track comment: Originally recorded New York, Feb 1923/ Columbia 9012 E
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 3:32

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