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Name: Beck's Jewish Wedding Orchestra

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Title: Gereist Un Getroffen/Traveled & Arrived
Genre: Orchestral/Klezmer/Instrumental
Additional song notes: Lyrics in several languages set to this melody. See "Chaim - Popukal", "Unter Belzer Himlen", "Lena From Palestina".
On album: O-014(a) (Oytsres / Treasures / Klezmer Music 1908-1996 -- אוצרות \ כּלי-זמר מוזיק)
Track ID: 27815
Artist: Beck's Jewish Wedding Orchestra
Track comment: Recorded ? Warsaw 1911/12 Kalliope Stella-Kontsert Rekord 13039
Style: Orchestral/Instrumental
Length: 002:41

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