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Name: Romm, Lola
Name (Yiddish): ראָם, לאָלאַ
Comment: Actress of the Moscow Jewish Theatre

Tracks with this artist

Title: Fort A Khosidl -- פֿאָרט אַ חסידל
Also known as: Makht Dos Khosidl Bim Bom
Genre: Folk/Humorous/Satirical
Subject: Khosid/Piety/Hypocrisy/Barmaid
Origin: Vinkov 3 126
Transliteration: Alb K-023(a)/Kremer 27/Vinkov 3 126/Alb K-005(a)
Translation: Vinkov 3 128/Alb K-005(a)
Music: Vinkov 3 128/Kremer 26
On album: U-006(a) (Treasure Of Jewish Culture In Ukraine)
Track ID: 27886
Vocal Romm, Lola -- ראָם, לאָלאַ
First line: Makht der khosidl "bim bom, bi bi bi bom bom", makht der poyerl, oy nu nu...
First line (Yiddish):מאַכט דער חסידל ,,בים באַם, בי בי באָם באָם", מאַכט דער פּױערל...
Track comment: Recorded Kiev, 1929
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Field Recording/Acapella
Length: 001:25

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