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Name: Glatsur, Velvl
Name (Yiddish): גלאַצור, װעלװל

Tracks with this artist

Title: Mi Adir
Genre: Ritual/Liturgy/Religious/Wedding/Ceremony/Sovereignty
Subject: God/Supremecy/Unifier/Bride/Groom/Blessing
Transliteration: Alb S-075(a)
Translation: Alb S-075(a)
Additional song notes: Who is the Emperor Above Everyne?
On album: U-006(a) (Treasure Of Jewish Culture In Ukraine)
Track ID: 27890
Vocal Glatsur, Velvl -- גלאַצור, װעלװל
Track comment: Recorded ca 1912-14
Language: Hebrew
Style: Folk/Field Recording/Acapella/Cantorial
Length: 001:33

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