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Name: Ostriker, Alicia

Songs written or composed

Title: Miriam (Women Of Valor)
Author: Frankel, Ellen
Author: Ostriker, Alicia
Composer: Clearfield, Andrea
Genre: Oratorio/Classical/Literary Origin
Subject: Biblical Women/Medresh/Miriam
Song Comment: Part of Women Of Valor Movement 2, Trackid 028274
Origin: See material accompaning the CD


On album: W-032(a) (Women Of Valor/ A Celebration of Women In Music/ Los Angeles Jewish Symphony)
Track ID: 28277
Artist: Los Angeles Jewish Symphony
Conductor/Artistic Director Green, Noreen
Vocal (Narrated Text) Harper, Valerie
Vocal (Sung Text) Plitmann, Hila
Vocal (Sung Text) Dubinbaum, Gail
Language: English
Style: Classical
Length: 04:02

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