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Name: Richard The Lionheart
Born: 1157
Died: 1199

Songs written or composed

Title: Le Mi Anuss
Author: Ha-Gorni, Issaac Ben Abraham
Composer: Richard The Lionheart
Genre: Medieval
Subject: Despair
Song Comment: Contrafactum to "Ja nuns hons pris" ascribed to Richard the Lion Heart
Translation: CD R-044(a)


On album: R-044(c) (Juden im Mittelater-Aus Sepharad und Ashkenas/ Jalda Rebling)
Track ID: 28300
Lute Apel, Hans-Werner
Lute Maass, Stefan
Violin Ansong, Susanne
Harp Heller, Sabine
Portativ Heller, Veit
Percussion Metzler, Michael
Language: Hebrew
Style: Chant
Length: 03:08

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