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Title: Vu Ahin Zol Ikh Geyn? (Korntayer) -- װוּ אַהין זאָל איך גײן? (קאָרנטײַער)
Also known as: Lan Elekh Ve'efne
Also known as: Where Shall I Go?
Also known as: Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn
Author: Korntayer, S. -- קאָרנטײַער, ש.
Composer: Strok, Oscar -- סטראָק, אָסקאַר
Genre: Holocaust/Lament
Subject: Hoplessness/Homeless/Persecution/
Song Comment: See "Vu Ahin Zol Ikh Geyn (Fuld)" Also Heskes entry 3417
Origin: ML WAH 15/Neslen 11.10/Moskow SM 41
Transliteration: ML WAH 16/Neslen 11.10/Moskow SM 41
Translation: ML WAH 16/ Neslen 11.10
Music: ML WAH 17/SM Moskow 41
Additional song notes: Where Shall I Go?
On album: L-053(a) (Steve Lawrence / Ramblin' Rose)
Track ID: 28359
Conductor Guercio, Joe
Vocal Lawrence, Steve
Arranger Zito, Torrie
First line: Tell me, where can I go, there's no place I can see, where to go, where to go.
First line (English):װוּ אַהין זאָל איך גײן? װער קען ענטפֿערן מיר, װוּ צו גײן,...
Track comment: Recorded under "Where Can I Go"
Language: English
Style: Foxtrot/Orchestra/Pop

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