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Name: Drake, Ervin M.
Born: April 3, 1919 (New York, NY)

Songs written or composed

Title: Tico Tico (Parody)
Author: Katz, Mickey
Composer: Zequina, Abreu
Composer: Olivera, Aloysio
Composer: Drake, Ervin M.
Genre: Parody/Humor/Language Mixing/Yinglish
Additional song notes: Composers not attributed per se, all listed for "Tico, Tico."


On album: K-022(e) (Mickey Katz / Cassette of Recordings From 78's)
Track ID: 15327
Artist Katz, Mickey
First line: Senyor and senyoritas, shonyers and shnoryitos,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: From Victor 25-5083A

On album: K-022(l
Track ID: 31284
Vocal Katz, Mickey
Back-up Mickey Katz Orchestra
First line: Senors and Senoritas, shnorers and shnoreritas, bobenyu, zeydenyu….
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Spanish/Yiddish/English

Title: A Room Without Windows
Author: Drake, Ervin M.
Composer: Drake, Ervin M.
Genre: Pop
Subject: Love/Privacy/Seclusion


On album: L-053(a) (Steve Lawrence / Ramblin' Rose)
Track ID: 28360
Vocal Lawrence, Steve
First line: A room without windows, a room without doors, where no guide, but I can spy...
Language: English
Style: Pop/Swing/Orchestra

Title: I Believe
Author: Drake, Ervin M.
Genre: Pop/Faith/Spirituality
Subject: Belief/Faith/Hope/Guidance/Prayer/Baby/Higher Power
Origin: Ephemera 1030


On album: B-059(d) (Jerusalem the Hidden Gate/ Falutist: Akiva Ben Sorin/Composer: David Louis/ Traditional Melodies Performed by Flutist Akiva Ben-Horin/ Symphony composed by David Louis -- חליל: עקיבא בן חורין\ מלחין: דוד לואוס\ השער הנסתר)
Track ID: 37774
Flautist Ben Horin, Akiva
Mandolin Elbaz, Shmuel
Keyboards Rigler, Leyb Yaacov
Vibraphone Rosenberg, Genadi -- גנדי רוזנברג
Style: Concert/Symphonic/Classical Ensemble
Length: 3:06

On album: R-100(a) (Roman & Alaina : Sounds of Prayer)
Track ID: 41387
Language: English
Style: Folk / Acuoustic / Indie
Length: 3:47

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