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Name: Cheremukhn, Sergey

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Title: Royz Royz -- רױז רױז
Also known as: Golus Goles
Genre: Folk/Khasidic/
Subject: Rose/Exile/Golus/Shkhine/Forest
Song Comment: Adapted from Hungarian Gypsy shepherd tune
Origin: Kipnis 100 224/Alb R-034(h)
Transliteration: Rubin Voi 247/Alb M-026(a)/Alb R-034(h)
Translation: Rubin Voi 247/M-062(a)/Alb 034(h)
Additional song notes: Kipnes, p 224 credits the "Riminiver Rebbe" with the text after - hearing a shepherd singing "Royz Royz". Khana Mlotek is cited in - CD liner notes that text was composed by "Rabbi Isaac Taub" after - hearing the shepherd. Pasternak, p 160 (Beyond Hava Nagila) - credits "Rabbi Isaac of Kalev", also that some credit "Rabbi - Hershel of Riminev" / Brave Old World credits Isaac of Kalev.
On album: Y-027(a) (Masha Yacubovich / Back To Origin -- מאַשאַ יאַקובאָװיש/ צוריק צום אָרקװאַל)
Track ID: 28375
Vocal Yacubovich, Masha -- יאַקובאָװיש, מאַשאַ
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Cheremukhn, Sergey
First line: Royz, royz, vi vayt bistu, vald, vald, vi groys bistu, vald vald, vi groys…
First line (Yiddish):רױז, רױז, װי װײט ביסטו, װאַלד, װאַלד, װי גרױס ביסטו,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Chassidic
Length: 02:36

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