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Name: Edwards, Leo

Songs written or composed

Title: Panama Pacific Rag
Composer: Edwards, Leo
Genre: Instrumental/Rag


On album: M-065(b) (The Art Of The Cymbalom/ The Music Of Joseph Moskowitz, 1916-1953)
Track ID: 28466
Cymbalom Moskowitz, Joseph
Piano King, Eddy
Track comment: Originally recorded February 4, 1916
Style: Instrumental/Cymbalom/Pop
Length: 02:42

Title: Becky Is Back In The Ballet
Author: Edwards, Leo
Genre: Vaudeville/Novelty/Humorous/Race
Subject: Ballet/Dance/Performer/Mother/Klutz
Additional song notes: Image of sheet music cover in Gottlieb, p 119


On album: J-035(a) (Jewface)
Track ID: 33546
Vocal Brice, Fanny
First line: Becky vus a dencer, look how she dences, nighttime and days,
Language: English
Style: Vaudeville/Dialect
Length: 3:24

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