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Title: Ana Pana Dodech (Aldema) -- אנה פּנה דוֹדך
Composer: Aldema, Gil -- אלדמע, גיל
Genre: Biblical/Song Of Songs/Shir Hashirim/Love
Subject: Love
Origin: Tanakh v.2 1937
Transliteration: Epherma 872
Translation: Tanakh v.2 1937
On album: S-033(a) (Sing Along In Hebrew Dov Seltzer Conducting Maccabee Singers)
Track ID: 1274
Vocal Maccabee Singers
Conductor Seltzer, Dov -- זלצר, דב
First line: Ana pana dodekh hayafa banashim, hayafa banashim ana...
First line (Hebrew):אנה פּנה דוֹדך היפה בּנשים, אנה פּנה דוֹדך וּנבקשנוּ עמך.
Language: Hebrew
Style: Choral

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