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Name: Zanger, Jacob
Name (Yiddish): זאַנגער, יעקבֿ

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Title: Gevalt Di Nerven -- געװאַלט די נערװען
Genre: Vaudeville/Novelty/Theatre
Subject: Nerves/Paranoia/Fear
On album: F-045(a)1 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 1)
Track ID: 28524
Vocal Zanger, Jacob -- זאַנגער, יעקבֿ
First line: Gevald, vos tut men tsu mayne nerven, kum aheym fun der arbet, meyn ikh..
First line (Yiddish):געװאַלד, װאָס טוט מען צן מייִנע נערװען, קום אַהייִם פֿון דער אַרבעט, מייִן איך...
Track comment: Originally Recorded New York, Spring 1925/ Columbia 8057F
Language: Yiddish
Style: Couplets

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