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Name: Bauza, Mario

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Title: Ot Azoy Says The Tailor
Also known as: Utt Da Zay
Also known as: That's The Way The Tailor Sews
Author: Mills, Irving
Composer: Ram, Buck
Genre: Novelty/Swing
Subject: Occupation/Tailor/Clothes/Sewing
Song Comment: Takeoff of "Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder"
Additional song notes: See Gottlieb 216-17 for relationship between Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder and Ot Azoy Says The Tailor (The Tailor Song).
On album: F-045(a)2 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 2)
Track ID: 28556
String Bass Hinton, Milt
Drums Cole, Cozy
Artist: Cab Calloway Orchestra
Leader/Vocal Calloway, Cab
Trumpet Bauza, Mario
Trumpet Wright, Lamar
Trumpet Cheatham, Doc
Trombone Jones, Jean Claude
Trombone Wheeler, De Priest
Trombone Johnson, Keg
Clarinet/Alto Saxaphone Haughton, Chauncey
Clarinet/Alto Saxaphone Brown, Andrew
Tenor Saxaphone Thomas, Walter
Tenor Saxaphone Berry, Choo
Piano Payne, Bennie
Guitar Barker, Danny
First line: My mother used to sing to me a haunting little melody
Track comment: Originally recorded July 17, 1939, Vocalion 5062
Language: English
Style: Swing/Big Band/Scat
Length: 02:55

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