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Name: Ben-Yaakov, Uri

Songs written or composed

Title: Song Of Deborah
Also known as: Judges 05:31
Composer: Ben-Yaakov, Uri
Genre: Biblical/Judges
Subject: Curse/Enemies/Faithful/Blessing
Origin: Judges 05:31


On album: H-005(e) (Hillel And Aviva Sing by the Pomegranate Tree)
Track ID: 28608
Vocal/Miriam Drum Raveh, Hillel -- רווה, הלל
Vocal/Khalil Raveh, Hillel -- רווה, הלל
First line (Hebrew):כּןיאבדו כל-אוביך
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew
Style: Folk/Yemenite/Duet

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