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Name: Boaz
Name (Yiddish): בּעז

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Title: Dror Yikra -- דרוֹר יקרא
Also known as: Proclaim Liberty
Author: Ben-Lavrat, Donash -- בּן־לברט, דונש
Genre: Prayer/Religious
Subject: Freedom/Peace/Prosperity/Protection/Observance/Shabos
Origin: Alb S-004(j)/Zim 9/Netzer 316/Alb Y-003(a)/ALB M-064(a)/Cardozo 37
Transliteration: Zim 9/Bekol Ram 24/Alb Y-003(a)/Alb B-007(m)/Alb F-015(b)/Cardozo 36
Translation: Alb F-015(b)/Bekol Ram 24/Alb B-007(m)/Alb F-015(b)/ALB M-064(a)/Cardozo 37
Music: Cardozo 36

Related information in folder 607:On album: I-008(a) (30 Years of Israel)
Track ID: 4318
Vocal Boaz -- בּעז
First line: Dror yikra leven im bat, Veyintsorkhem k'mo bavat,
First line (Hebrew):דרוֹר יקרא לבן עם בּת, וינצרכם כּמוֹ בּבת.
Track comment: He will proclaim freedom for all his children And will...
Language: Hebrew

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