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Name: Brassens, Georges

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Title: Le Parapluie (French)
On album: D-006(a) (Yacov Dan)
Track ID: 8896
Author/Composer Brassens, Georges
Artist Dan, Yacov
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: "The Umbrella"

Title: Bal Melokhes -- בעל מלאָכות
On album: D-007(a) (Songs To Remember Henny Durmashkin -- לידער צו געדענקען! זענגערין העני דורמאַשקין)
Track ID: 1876
Author/Composer Brassens, Georges
Artist Durmashkin, Henny -- דורמאַשקין, הכני
Piano Durmashkin, Fanny -- דורמאַשקין, פֿאַני
First line: Tog azoy vi tog, nakht azoy vi nakht, shtendik mit der nodl
First line:טאָג אַזױ װי טאָג, מאַכט אַזױ װי נאַכט, שטענדיק מיט דער נאָדל,

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