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Name: Bresnick, M. arr

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Title: Tikun Olam (Yid) -- תּיקון עוֹלם (ייִדיש)
On album: B-069(a) (Phyllis Berk Takes Yiddish Song Mainstream Coming of Age)
Track ID: 23620
Author/Composer Perry, Roslyn Bresnick
Artist Berk, Phyllis
Artist Bresnick, M. arr
First line: Tikun olam, der zeyde zogt, dos tuen yidn muzn tun,
First line:תּיקון עוֹלם, דער זײדע זאָגט, דאָס טוען ייִדן מוזן טון,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)

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