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Name: Brown, Lawrence, piano

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Title: Vi Azoy Trinkt A Keyser Tey? -- װי אַזױ טרינקט אַ קיסר טײ?
Also known as: Vi Azoy Lebt Der Keyser ?
Also known as: How The Kaiser Drinks Tea
Also known as: Rabosi
Genre: Humorous/Satirical/Folk
Subject: Emperor/Question/Tea/Sugar/Potatoes/Butter/Sleep/Soldiers
Origin: Vinkov 3 47/SM 40
Transliteration: Alb K-030(a)/Vinkov 3 47/SM 40
Translation: Alb K-030(a)/Vinkov 3 47
Music: Vinkov 3 46/SM 40
On album: R-004(a) (Paul Robeson: Favorite Songs)
Track ID: 16549
Artist Robeson, Paul
Artist Brown, Lawrence, piano
First line: Rabosay, rabosay, khakhomim un a breg, kh'vel aykh fregn,
First line (Yiddish):רבּותי, רבּות, חכמים און אַ ברעג, כ'װעל אײַך פֿרעגן, כ'װעל אײַך...
Track comment: Recorded under title "Vi Azoy Lebt Der Keyser"
Language: Yiddish

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