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Name: Burns, Robert

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Title: Scots Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Bled
On album: L-004(c) (Leon Lishner sings Songs For the Dawn of Peace)
Track ID: 13286
Author Burns, Robert
Vocal Lishner, Leon
First line: Scots what hae wi Wallace bled, Scots wham Bruce ofter led,
Track comment: Combined with "Skye Boat Song"

Title: Abi Gezunt (Nemo, American Swing)
Also known as: A Bee Gezindt
Author: Nemo
Composer: Nemo
Genre: Novelty/Swing
Subject: Hep Cat/Square
On album: F-045(a)2 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 2)
Track ID: 28557
Vocal Bailey, Mildred
Trumpet Eldridge, Roy
Clarinet/Alto Saxaphone Burns, Robert
Clarinet/Alto Saxaphone Merrill, Reggie
Bass Clarinet Prager, Carl
Flute Powell, Eddie
Oboe/French Horn Miller, Mitch
Piano Wilson, Teddy
Guitar Collis, John
String Bass Peterson, Pete
Drums Beason, Bill
Arranger Wilder, Alec
First line: I never knew a hep cat from a square, and I was called a bringdown everywhere,
Track comment: Originally recorded Jan 25, 1940, Columbia 35409/ Recorded as "A Bee Gezind"
Language: English
Style: Swing/Pop/Big Band
Length: 02:58

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