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Name: Claire, Dina and chorus

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Title: V'taher Libenu -- וטהר לבּנוּ
Also known as: Vetaher Libenu
Genre: Religious
Subject: Prayer/Purity/Worship
Origin: Alb E-009(a)/Netzer 335/Coopersmith NJS 90
Transliteration: Coopersmith NJS 90/Alb H-002(c)/Alb S-085(a)/Alb E-009(a)/Alb T-008(a)
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 90/Alb S-085(a)
Music: Coopersmith NJS 90
On album: C-030(a) (The Jewish Heart sung by Dina Claire)
Track ID: 16175
Artist Claire, Dina and chorus
Artist Leslie, Kermit, arr and cond
First line: V'taher libenu leavdekha be'emes.
First line (Hebrew):וטהר לבּנוּ לעבדך בּאמת.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Oh, purify our hearts that we may worship Thee in truth.
Language: Hebrew

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