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Name: Cohen, Charles

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Title: Levine With Your Flying Machine -- לעװין מיט זײַן פֿליג מאַשין
Author: Bernie, Saul
Composer: Coslow, Sam
On album: S-053(a) (Tenement Songs by Mark Slobin Recordings To Accompany Book)
Track ID: 9133
Vocal Cohen, Charles
First line: Es flien heldn iber groyse yamen, un men zingt fun zey fil..
First line:עס פֿליִען העלדן איבער גרױסע ימען, און מען זינגט פֿון זײ פֿיל...
Track comment: See Slobin 200

Title: Es Benkt Zikh Aheym -- עס בענגט זיך אַהײם
Genre: Theater
Additional song notes: From the play "Benkende Hertser" by Louis Friedsall Two entries in Heskes under "Es Benkt Zikh Aheym", 1511 credits Hyman Freedman as songwriter and 1592 credits Fishl Knapnoff
On album: 053c (Schwartz,William/Cohen, Chas./ Es Benkt Zikh Aheym/ Yidn, Geyt Keyn Tsiun!)
Track ID: 30301
Vocal Schwartz, William -- שוואַרץ, וויליאַם
Vocal Cohen, Charles
Language: Yiddish
Style: Theater/Duet/Orchestral Accompaniment

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